Author: Benus Adu Poku
ISBN: 10:99911-697-1-7/ 13:9789991169712
Pages: 3OO
Print Version: Bap Gbooks E-Book www.smashwords.com
Publication Date: September, 2012
Cover: Cal Sharp http://www.caligraphics.net
Printed by:  Groep 7 Drukkers Pretoria, www.groep7.co.za  Language: English

This saga establishes the artistic and literary prowess of Benus Adu Poku, Editors’ Choice Award-Winning and Critical Acclaim Author. Araba is crying from her heart to tell the world about the morally despicable attitude of her ungrateful husband. Araba is to lose her position as a legitimate wife to her bosom friend because she cannot (among other so-called qualities) deliver a ‘Vote of Thanks.’ The man she has loved and supported throughout the difficult stages of their marriage has now risen from rags to a wealthy government official. He has an ambition of becoming a Minister of State. Araba’s children are also not spared the rod. Is this the plight of women in other parts of the world? This title is dedicated to women and children; especially to vulnerable women who face marital injustice perpetrated by inconsiderate men. Who is going to challenge this ungrateful husband and fight for Araba?


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