Justice Cry (New Edition)


Author: Benus Adu Poku
ISBN: 978-1-920527-74-7
Printed by: Groep 7 Drukkers Pretoria  www.groep7.co.za
Number of Pages: 234
Publication: December, 2013
Language: English
Circulation: Worldwide
Age Restriction: None

This is a pace setting and emotionally charged story with clarity and precision, probity and integrity that portrays episodes culminating in the indecent assault and demise of a deprived woman. This gritty and provocative horror-stricken incident, a novelty in style and tone is written by Benus Adu Poku, Editors’ Choice Award-Winning and Critical Acclaim Author. Like a Sculptor, the Author astutely, impeccably carves out a tale of woe, blended to link a similar incident that triggered off a wave of protests in a Southern Africa town. The real world is not Shangri-La. Etched in avant-garde mirror of crisp narrative is savoir-fare of Morality and Justice


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