ISBN 13: 9781616673345
Publisher: Bap Gbooks
Printed and bound by Groep7 Drukkers Pretoria (www,groep7.co.za)
New Cover Design by Marian Lock
Pages: 300
Publication: June 2015
Language: English
Circulation:  Worldwide
Age Restriction: None

Another painstaking bold novel, widely regarded as Benus Adu Poku’s chef d’oeuvre, greatest piece of work. This prolific novelist is Editors’ Choice Award-Winning & International Critical Acclaim Author. This zeitgeist attribute is amply portrayed in this soul-cracking and fast-paced narrative in which the author explores sensitive issues on morally intriguing morass of love, infidelity, greed, envy, deceit, superstition, spiritualism, divine wisdom, racism, murder……set in Townville, Africa and London, England.

Bokang and Mariza, a young African couple fall in love and immigrate to London. After a lavish wedding, she changes like the proverbial chameleon to suit her circumstances. On acquiring British citizenship, Mariza scorns her man’s royal heritage and does all she can to sever relations with her roots and liberate herself and children from the scourge of pesky mosquitoes and impecunious Africa. What happens when the couple invite their parents to visit London same time? Pensive and grisly, it has an emotional blanketing effect on the nerves. It is plotted with vampire instincts as well as sinister desires for egoistic aggrandizement and crass materialism. It naturally conks the arteries and penetrates the heartbeat with electrifying shockwaves. The trilogy continues in Colour Of Mariza & Fate Of Mariza.


Price: ZAR199.00

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