Sacrifice in the Sahara (Book Two)


Author: Benus Adu Poku
ISBN:  10:99911-697-2-5/13:978-99911-697-2-9
Pages: 373
Genre: Epic
Print Edition: Bap Gbooks
Release Date: I July 2013
Cover: Vanessa Finaughty Cape Town, www.firebladepublishers.com
Printer: Groep 7 Drukkers Pretoria, www.groep7.co.za
Language: English
Circulation: Worldwide

This is Book Two of a planned trilogy with the same title. (Winning Writers Newsletter, USA, Award Winning Poems: Fall 2012) This BOLD epic is a Magnum Opus of the Celebrated African Writer, Benus Adu Poku. The protagonist, Boison, a young African man is compelled by socio-economic problems in his country to flee to Europe for a better life through illegal routes in the Sahara. There, he meets Hilda, an American woman. After a harrowing experience climbing Ahaggar Mountains, Boison and his friends and brothers and Hilda descend the Mountain peaks unscathed. There is tension and rancour and bitterness due to her presence. Boison ignores his brothers and helps searching for her kidnapped companions.

As Boison and Hilda are out searching for her companions, his brothers, loathing the woman, steal her property and vanish. Will black and white keys fall in quasi love? Why is the woman in the Sahara? Pathetically, left alone with her, they embark on three days trek, determined to enter Ghat in Libya. What is going to be the outcome of their determined but risky efforts…….? How will the Mysterious Hand of Divine Providence intervene? BOOK THREE concludes the trilogy on an emotionally-gripping memorable note.


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