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MIGRATION Latest Sahara Calamity

This post has direct reference to Benus Adu Poku’s epic:

Sacrifice In The Sahara (Book One)

Sacrifice In The Sahara (Book Two)

We at BAPG Books maintain and believe and insist that the title above ought to feature as Standard set book at all levels in the prose fiction section   of Literature-in-English.

This line of thought has been suggested by some respected professors in African universities.

Furthermore, we recommend the reading of this epic not only in Ghana, West Africa, whole of Anglophone Africa but also in the Diaspora.

The themes, plot, structure, language, tone and moral implications for the youth and future generations stand as living proofs of its relevance, literary suitability, recognition and timeless attributes.

Never shall we relent in our well-intentioned effort.


We provide for our readers the most recent catastrophe in the Sahara to buttress our genuine and principled  insistence on the eternal relevance of the epic- Sacrifice In The Sahara (Book One) and Sacrifice In The Sahara (Book Two)

The Book Three of this trilogy – RED IN THE SAHARA- is ready for global release in 2018.

Source for post below:

Kwasi Gyamfi Asiedu (14:49) 02.06.2017

“Over 40 die in the Sahara Desert en route to Europe, Ghanaians and Nigerians the majority.

They are said to have died after the vehicle they were travelling in broke down in the middle of the journey.

Over 40 people have died of thirst.

The report of the accident was given by six survivors who managed to walk to a nearby town where they are being taken care of.

These were mainly citizens of Ghana and Nigeria who were hoping for better life in Europe for themselves and their families. The dead also included babies.

These people if they survive arrive in Libya and the shores of Italy in their quest to migrate to Europe.

Ghana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is yet to comment on the situation.”

It is not surprising in that the same tragic incidents keep occurring and re occurring. There appears to be no end in sight.

This epic is a valuable resource material and one of the key drivers to assist create more awareness among the people, especially the youth and to all whom it may concern.

Government of Ghana, Ecowas, African Union, European Union and United Nations…..over to you. Action is needed

Boldly but with cautious humility and optimism we are promoting and marketing the epic to raise funds to support the poor and needy. Donations are also welcome.

Copies are available. Obtain, relax, read, enjoy,  acquire knowledge….

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Dead Body Found Table Mountain

A sorrowful spectacle on Table Mountain!


Source: News24 & Eyewitness News

Charlotte Nana Yaa Nikoi went missing in South Africa while she was exploring the city’s iconic landmark in March,  2017.

The decomposing body of this woman found on Cape Town’s historic Table Mountain is suspected to be that of Charlotte Nana Yaa Nikoi. An autopsy to confirm the identity of the body is in progress.

(Indeed, the body is her mortal remains)

Eyewitness News in South Africa confirms the body was found at “the section around the starting point of the Platteklip. Gorge hiking trail (has been) cordoned off as detectives combed the scene.”

Earlier in the month, it was heart-warming when President Jacob Zuma appealed to his countrymen for information.

She was the Associate Director, Human Resource at the United Nations Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF) She had initially gone to South Africa to celebrate her wedding anniversary.

She had gone to the scene in the company of her husband and eldest daughter.

Her husband Chris, Nikoi and their daughter had decided to go for the walk on Table Mountain on Human Rights Day, March 27. Less than an hour into the walk, Nikoi said she was turning back. They had planned to meet again at the start of the trail, but she was not there when husband and daughter returned.

We at BAPG Books publish this news on our website blog as a symbolic gesture of empathy and sympathy for people in helpless human situations in the claws of fate.

With this holistic approach in our vision for humanity, we motivate people of goodwill to obtain copies of our classic epics.

We proudly but with conscious humility promote and market Timeless Epics written by Benus Adu Poku, Editors’ Choice  Award-Winning Author. These are powerful “Across Borders” and “Generations Big Bold Timeless” epics.

Proceeds are meant purposely to help the poor and needy. Your donations are welcome. Obtain, relax, read, enjoy and experience knowledge from these epics.

Grab Sacrifice In The Sahara ( Book One) and (Book Two) as well as Justice Cry and Mariza Naked Chameleon…..among others.

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Woman Walking Into Canada from US Dies


Tuesday, May 30, 2017, 9:45PM

Daily News World


A body found near the Manitoba border was that of a Ghanaian woman who died of possible hypothermia trying to walk into Canada. U.S. Police said on Tuesday.

The Kittson County Sheriff’s office said they discovered the wonan’s body on Friday near Noyes, Minnesota which is directly across from the Canadian border town of Emerson  where asylum seekers had been crossing in recent months.

The police had been searching for the missing woman following a call the previous day. A preliminary autopsy indicated hypothermia as cause of death.

The woman was identified as 57 year-old Mavis Otuteye.

Canada has a spike in refugee claims this year, with more than 2,000 people coming across the U.S border illegally since January.  Many have crossed over the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Quebec, walking across unmonitored fields or through ditches.

Most of those border crossers had been living legally in the United States but say they left because they feared President Donald Trump ‘s immigration crackdown.

This News has been reproduced on our blog because of our empathy for humans, especially women and children in diverse desperate helpless situations.

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JUSTICE CRY For All Mothers

JUSTICE CRY is a very disturbing and sensitive Book that pays tribute to all Mothers, Women and Children.

It is one of the most memorable Timeless Books by Benus Adu Poku.

On Mother’s Day:

We have no flowers, cakes, recipes, games, dinner,  going for a walk in the park, cards, homemade crafts, long speeches as symbolic gifts for all mothers BUT we have this unique painful African experience of Justice in JUSTICE CRY as a token of appreciation and remembrance to CRY and PRAY to honour, respect and give universal recognition to all MOTHERS, young and old, dead and living, on the surface of the earth, present, past and future generations.

” The majority of countries that celebrate Mother’s Day do so on the Second Sunday of May. On this day it is common for Mothers to be celebrated with presents and special attention from their families, friends and loved ones.”

“The traditional practice of honouring Motherhood  is rooted in antiquity. Ancient rites had strong symbolic and spiritual overtones. And societies tended to celebrate Goddesses nd symbols, motherhood, rather than actual Mothers. ”

“Ancient Egyptians had an annual festival to honour the goddesses ISIS…….The mother and son imagery of Isis and. Horus in  which Isis cradles and suckles her  son is strikingly to that of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus. ”

“Two other Mother Goddesses, Cybele from Phrygia in Anatolia (modern Turkey) and Rhea from Greece also laid the most important foundation of worship of modern celebration of Motherhood in Europe.”

” In the 17th Century, …..broadened and focused celebration on the Church and the Virgin Mary to include real Mothers, referring to the occasion as Mothering Day. ”

” The first North American Mother’s Day was conceptualized with Julia Ward Howe’s Mother’s Day in 1870.”

“In 1908, Anna Reeves-Jarvis began to continue the celebration of Howe….”

The history is long…….



http/>mother’s day

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Sacrifice In The Sahara Epic To Boost Knowledge

If you want to attract readers to your library, local or national,  research is showing you need to have on your reading titles,  a powerful contemporary African epic.

If you have a bookshop or online bookstore, local, national or international you need to have an epic that is the first of its kind to attract potential customers.

If you have  an academic institution at any level ( Primary to University) where English is a medium of learning you ought to obtain very powerful fiction books that assist learners at all stages to appreciate the positive results and vibrations of reading. Indeed, a reading culture that a renowned African epic delivers. To provide reading for knowledge, motivation, pleasure and mastery of language.

If you want to send a gift to friends, family members, colleagues, loved ones and even as prizes then you need a memorable token of appreciation.

Prisons, churches and hospitals are included in organisations that must join this crusade.

Individuals, businesses, travellers, tourists are encouraged to add value to all their transactions using the literary word.

What is the title of the epic?


It is referred to as, The Big Bold Epic or Across Borders Epic or Epic for Generations.

There are numerous enquiries on  how to lay hands on, that is, buy or order the classic African epic SACRIFICE IN THE SAHARA (Book One) and (Book Two) by BENUS  ADU POKU award-winning author.

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This epic is Timeless and suitable and beneficial  for all ages and cultures. It is read worldwide. Sacrifice In The Sahara is proactive  and results-driven. It has come to stay for good.

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VICTIMS OF THE SEA (Sacrifice In The Sahara)

Sacrifice In The Sahara is a trilogy: (Book One) One Carmel & (Book Two) Two Carmels. Both Books are available worldwide.

RED IN THE SAHARA is Book Three to be released in 2018. We motivate readers to read Book One and Book Two before the release of Book Three.

This epic is a voluminous contemporary African novel featuring themes that are of grave concern to the international community. The plot, characters and settings as well as the story outline is the first of its kind.

It is also referred to as ” Across Borders Big Bold Epic.” Ohers see it as,”Epic for Generations.”

Some of the accolades ascribed to the epic do not necessarily reflect the shared worldviews of all readers. However, what is widely considered as crucial are the implications of the story as created by the prolific award-winning Author Benus Adu Poku.

The latest disaster happened on Monday, May 10, 2017. It was reported by reputable International Media such as-The Independent, Belfast Telegraph, TRT
World , BBC – among others, sending shockwaves, chilling, to the core.

The gist of headlines includes:
“Nearly 250 refugees feared dead after two migrant boats sank in the Mediterranean Sea…..”

The catalogue of the never ending loss of humans in the Sea is rather sad and unfortunate. It seems to haunt millions around the globe, especially sub-Saharan Africans.
Migrants perish in the Mediterranean Sea, yet they cannot be stopped. The death toll in 2017 has risen to 1300.

“Many of those who brave the risky central Mediterranean route between Libya and Italy are migrants from Africa seeking to flee from conflicts, political persecution at home or find better economic opportunities in Europe…..” ( May 10, 2017.

Victims of the Sea are mostly men, women and children who arrive in Libya via the Sahara route.

The fact that these tragedies continue unabated….has made Sacrifice In The Sahara a modern day timeless epic…..lay your hands on the book…..drink the wine of history from it… is a solid epic for generations.

Grab a copy from or contact your nearest bookshop or online bookstore. Find Relax Read it for Knowledge.

“Slave Markets” in Libya SACRIFICE IN THE SAHARA Epic

IOM: African migrants traded in Libya “Slave Markets.” People are held for ransom, forced labour or sexual exploitation after being sold for up to $500, UN Agency says. News 11 April, 2017.

Libya is the main gateway for people attempting to reach Europe by sea. ( File: Ismael Zitoumy/ Reuters)

“Hundreds of African refugees and migrants passing through Libya are being bought and sold in modern day slave markets before being sold for ransom or used as forced labour or for sexual exploitation, survivors have told the UN Migration Agency. Migrants are being sold in the markets as a commodity………Selling human beings is becoming a trend among smugglers. As smuggling networks in Libya are becoming stronger and strobger.

The refugees and migrants -many from Nigeria, Senegal and The Gambia- are captured as they head north towards Libya Mediterranean coast, where some try to catch boats for Italy.

Along the way, they are prey to an array of armed groups and people-smuggling networks that often try to extort extra money in exchange for allowing them to continue.”

The above highlights distinctly some of the perils dealt with in – Sacrifice In The Sahara- in a real life account. The author- Benus Adu Poku- is credited for writing an epic that confirms the rugged dreadful terrain and appalling episodes in the Sahara, never before written. Vivid with accurate description of sordid experiences, settings and characters, the epic conjures an uncanny resemblance of the real world.

This authority is amply illustrated as a massive work of art.  Relying on his own travelling to some of the selected areas but chiefly on authentic accounts and interaction with survivors who have over the years assisted in unfolding some of the gruesome and despicable encounters with death and savagery of marauding gangsters. The trends and patterns have wider implications for the global community. The narrative paints a rather gloomy indication of a portentous omen, that is proving to be practically a potential Herculean task which both Europe and Africa cannot ignore but confront  and find appropriate measures as well as resources to diagnose and minimise the cankerworm.

This explains the more reason why the relevance of – Sacrifice In The Sahara- is TIMELESS and appears to strengthen in patronage.

Copies are available. Meanwhile, obtain a copy of Book One and Book Two. Do so to spoil your eyes and brains before Book Three RED IN THE SAHARA is released in 2018.



In promoting and analysing this Bold Epic-Sacrifice In The Sahara- all systems go strategy will be utilised in writing about its relevance in our contemporary world.

Much has been said about it and much more will be said and written to drive the truth home to a wider audience and to all whom it may concern globally.

Take a quick glance at the following in very recent times:

Hunger Kills Three Ghanaians in Libya; 500 Standed

“Three Ghanaians have reportedly died in the past week in Libya with over 500 people more stranded in that  country. The migrants who travelled to seek greener pastures are struggling to cope with the harsh conditions in the war-ravaged North African country……500 Ghanaians are currently living at a hunger struck town in Tripoli with other African nationals…..” (Ghana/ April 18, 2017.

The author of this epic Benus Adu Poku was certainly sure and aware of the magnitude of the dire situation.

Reading this epic obviously provides documented insights not previously known. A graphic and a balanced narrative leads the reader into the chaotic Sahara, a world of inhuman situations coupled with a negative nature of life.

Boison the main character knew on paper the hazards in the Sahara but was  yet to have the experience. Even so, the quest for the so-called ‘luxurious’ life in Europe spurred him on.

Obtain a copy of the epic…..there is a lot to read to provide a pictorial narrative…