Dead Body Found Table Mountain

A sorrowful spectacle on Table Mountain!


Source: News24 & Eyewitness News

Charlotte Nana Yaa Nikoi went missing in South Africa while she was exploring the city’s iconic landmark in March,  2017.

The decomposing body of this woman found on Cape Town’s historic Table Mountain is suspected to be that of Charlotte Nana Yaa Nikoi. An autopsy to confirm the identity of the body is in progress.

(Indeed, the body is her mortal remains)

Eyewitness News in South Africa confirms the body was found at “the section around the starting point of the Platteklip. Gorge hiking trail (has been) cordoned off as detectives combed the scene.”

Earlier in the month, it was heart-warming when President Jacob Zuma appealed to his countrymen for information.

She was the Associate Director, Human Resource at the United Nations Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF) She had initially gone to South Africa to celebrate her wedding anniversary.

She had gone to the scene in the company of her husband and eldest daughter.

Her husband Chris, Nikoi and their daughter had decided to go for the walk on Table Mountain on Human Rights Day, March 27. Less than an hour into the walk, Nikoi said she was turning back. They had planned to meet again at the start of the trail, but she was not there when husband and daughter returned.

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