JUSTICE CRY For All Mothers

JUSTICE CRY is a very disturbing and sensitive Book that pays tribute to all Mothers, Women and Children.

It is one of the most memorable Timeless Books by Benus Adu Poku.

On Mother’s Day:

We have no flowers, cakes, recipes, games, dinner,  going for a walk in the park, cards, homemade crafts, long speeches as symbolic gifts for all mothers BUT we have this unique painful African experience of Justice in JUSTICE CRY as a token of appreciation and remembrance to CRY and PRAY to honour, respect and give universal recognition to all MOTHERS, young and old, dead and living, on the surface of the earth, present, past and future generations.

” The majority of countries that celebrate Mother’s Day do so on the Second Sunday of May. On this day it is common for Mothers to be celebrated with presents and special attention from their families, friends and loved ones.”

“The traditional practice of honouring Motherhood  is rooted in antiquity. Ancient rites had strong symbolic and spiritual overtones. And societies tended to celebrate Goddesses nd symbols, motherhood, rather than actual Mothers. ”

“Ancient Egyptians had an annual festival to honour the goddesses ISIS…….The mother and son imagery of Isis and. Horus in  which Isis cradles and suckles her  son is strikingly to that of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus. ”

“Two other Mother Goddesses, Cybele from Phrygia in Anatolia (modern Turkey) and Rhea from Greece also laid the most important foundation of worship of modern celebration of Motherhood in Europe.”

” In the 17th Century, …..broadened and focused celebration on the Church and the Virgin Mary to include real Mothers, referring to the occasion as Mothering Day. ”

” The first North American Mother’s Day was conceptualized with Julia Ward Howe’s Mother’s Day in 1870.”

“In 1908, Anna Reeves-Jarvis began to continue the celebration of Howe….”

The history is long…….



http/www.mothersdaycelebration.com>mother’s day

Obtain a copy of Justice Cry. Read like and share.


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