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This post has direct reference to Benus Adu Poku’s epic:

Sacrifice In The Sahara (Book One)

Sacrifice In The Sahara (Book Two)

We at BAPG Books maintain and believe and insist that the title above ought to feature as Standard set book at all levels in the prose fiction section   of Literature-in-English.

This line of thought has been suggested by some respected professors in African universities.

Furthermore, we recommend the reading of this epic not only in Ghana, West Africa, whole of Anglophone Africa but also in the Diaspora.

The themes, plot, structure, language, tone and moral implications for the youth and future generations stand as living proofs of its relevance, literary suitability, recognition and timeless attributes.

Never shall we relent in our well-intentioned effort.


We provide for our readers the most recent catastrophe in the Sahara to buttress our genuine and principled  insistence on the eternal relevance of the epic- Sacrifice In The Sahara (Book One) and Sacrifice In The Sahara (Book Two)

The Book Three of this trilogy – RED IN THE SAHARA- is ready for global release in 2018.

Source for post below:

Kwasi Gyamfi Asiedu (14:49) 02.06.2017

“Over 40 die in the Sahara Desert en route to Europe, Ghanaians and Nigerians the majority.

They are said to have died after the vehicle they were travelling in broke down in the middle of the journey.

Over 40 people have died of thirst.

The report of the accident was given by six survivors who managed to walk to a nearby town where they are being taken care of.

These were mainly citizens of Ghana and Nigeria who were hoping for better life in Europe for themselves and their families. The dead also included babies.

These people if they survive arrive in Libya and the shores of Italy in their quest to migrate to Europe.

Ghana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is yet to comment on the situation.”

It is not surprising in that the same tragic incidents keep occurring and re occurring. There appears to be no end in sight.

This epic is a valuable resource material and one of the key drivers to assist create more awareness among the people, especially the youth and to all whom it may concern.

Government of Ghana, Ecowas, African Union, European Union and United Nations…..over to you. Action is needed

Boldly but with cautious humility and optimism we are promoting and marketing the epic to raise funds to support the poor and needy. Donations are also welcome.

Copies are available. Obtain, relax, read, enjoy,  acquire knowledge….

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