Sacrifice In The Sahara Epic To Boost Knowledge

If you want to attract readers to your library, local or national,  research is showing you need to have on your reading titles,  a powerful contemporary African epic.

If you have a bookshop or online bookstore, local, national or international you need to have an epic that is the first of its kind to attract potential customers.

If you have  an academic institution at any level ( Primary to University) where English is a medium of learning you ought to obtain very powerful fiction books that assist learners at all stages to appreciate the positive results and vibrations of reading. Indeed, a reading culture that a renowned African epic delivers. To provide reading for knowledge, motivation, pleasure and mastery of language.

If you want to send a gift to friends, family members, colleagues, loved ones and even as prizes then you need a memorable token of appreciation.

Prisons, churches and hospitals are included in organisations that must join this crusade.

Individuals, businesses, travellers, tourists are encouraged to add value to all their transactions using the literary word.

What is the title of the epic?


It is referred to as, The Big Bold Epic or Across Borders Epic or Epic for Generations.

There are numerous enquiries on  how to lay hands on, that is, buy or order the classic African epic SACRIFICE IN THE SAHARA (Book One) and (Book Two) by BENUS  ADU POKU award-winning author.

It is easy to get the book. Visit your nearest bookshop or online bookstore. They will order the book for you from us: bapgbooks.com or contact publishers at admin@bapgbooks.com  or equally reliable contact author for quick  assistance: benuspoku.bap@ gmail.com

This epic is Timeless and suitable and beneficial  for all ages and cultures. It is read worldwide. Sacrifice In The Sahara is proactive  and results-driven. It has come to stay for good.

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