VICTIMS OF THE SEA (Sacrifice In The Sahara)

Sacrifice In The Sahara is a trilogy: (Book One) One Carmel & (Book Two) Two Carmels. Both Books are available worldwide.

RED IN THE SAHARA is Book Three to be released in 2018. We motivate readers to read Book One and Book Two before the release of Book Three.

This epic is a voluminous contemporary African novel featuring themes that are of grave concern to the international community. The plot, characters and settings as well as the story outline is the first of its kind.

It is also referred to as ” Across Borders Big Bold Epic.” Ohers see it as,”Epic for Generations.”

Some of the accolades ascribed to the epic do not necessarily reflect the shared worldviews of all readers. However, what is widely considered as crucial are the implications of the story as created by the prolific award-winning Author Benus Adu Poku.

The latest disaster happened on Monday, May 10, 2017. It was reported by reputable International Media such as-The Independent, Belfast Telegraph, TRT
World , BBC – among others, sending shockwaves, chilling, to the core.

The gist of headlines includes:
“Nearly 250 refugees feared dead after two migrant boats sank in the Mediterranean Sea…..”

The catalogue of the never ending loss of humans in the Sea is rather sad and unfortunate. It seems to haunt millions around the globe, especially sub-Saharan Africans.
Migrants perish in the Mediterranean Sea, yet they cannot be stopped. The death toll in 2017 has risen to 1300.

“Many of those who brave the risky central Mediterranean route between Libya and Italy are migrants from Africa seeking to flee from conflicts, political persecution at home or find better economic opportunities in Europe…..” (stuff.co.nz) May 10, 2017.

Victims of the Sea are mostly men, women and children who arrive in Libya via the Sahara route.

The fact that these tragedies continue unabated….has made Sacrifice In The Sahara a modern day timeless epic…..lay your hands on the book…..drink the wine of history from it…..it is a solid epic for generations.

Grab a copy from bapgbooks.com or contact your nearest bookshop or online bookstore. Find Relax Read it for Knowledge.

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