About Us

We are a new dynamic and revolutionary charity book producers. We take the challenge; moral and literary responsibility in the high quality standards and state-of-the-art of our books. We are proactive and holistic in the industry of publishing memorable books, especially epic novels and plays Bap promotes, advertises, showcases and makes it extremely comfortable for the reading public to have access to a variety of books written by authors of international critical acclaim. The love of literature in all its genres makes us independent and extraordinary in expressing and producing diverse human situations for entertainment and intellectual and academic and psychological pursuits.

It is the brainchild of Benus Adu Poku whose works at the moment constitute the bulk of our books for readers from different cultures worldwide. No matter where you reside in the world –from the North Pole to the South Pole and from the East of the rising sun to the West of the setting sun- you will find it relatively smooth to have access to our striking books.

Our books feature predominantly African Epic thrillers written in polished English with stylish vibrant gloss laminated covers and unique layout. Above all, we aim to assist in inculcating the love of the written word transcending the cultural divide  and  backgrounds to the delight of readers, to help mould decent worldviews into productive enterprises. We provide our soul-fulfilling books at reasonable and affordable prices, yet maintaining contemporary publishing total quality management.

Our books are for people who want to have pleasure in reading and at the same time have a slice of universal knowledge and wisdom not excluding the Divine Essence.

We guarantee that if you purchase a copy of any of our books and within seven days you read the first chapter and you are not wholly satisfied we shall refund your money if you return it to us in its original neat condition, no questions asked. This is the confidence injected into our books. Our books transcend all borders and cultures and barriers.

Learners and teachers/lecturers at all levels who want to gain a competitive edge with using a variety of expressions and vocabulary will find our books very compelling and advantageous. The narratives can be utilized as a beneficial tool for creative writing.

Benus Adu Poku has chosen this laudable path as a result of being exploited over the years by “dubious publishers.”  Our readers hail from multi-faceted backgrounds, making it the more exciting to produce this author’s works as a living legacy for generations

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