Benus Adu Poku (Benjamin Adu-Poku) award-winning author has international reputation as a prolific novelist, playwright, poet and literary critic. He was educated at Wesley College Practice School, Kalpohin Middle School, Aggrey Memorial Secondary School, Winneba Secondary School, University of Ghana; Legon, Rand Afrikaans University, now known as University of Johannesburg (Best Masters Student Award) and Leadership Centre, University of Natal, Durban, South Africa. He is also the author of soul-inspiring and thought-provoking works including:

  • Justice Cry
  • Sweet Freedom Heritage
  • Araba Ungrateful Husband
  • Mariza Naked Chameleon
  • Colour Of Mariza
  • Fate Of Mariza
  • Shrine of Jubilee Gold
  • King Crab and Slave Maidens
  • Ghostheart Mother
  • Ghostheart of Satan
  • Den of Injustice
  • Injustice In Alata
  • Sacrifice in the Sahara (Book One)
  • Sacrifice in the Sahara (Book Two)
  • Sacrifice in the Sahara (Book Three)
  • Berta’s Big Secret
  • Light for Malira
  • Gudula
  • The Demon’s Apostle
  • Love Me Tonight For the Last

His command of language, style, originality and philosophical ideas on justice and morality as portrayed in the vast array of his works, attract immense universal appeal. Benus Adu Poku is also a versatile poet gifted with mastery of language and fertile imagery.

It is on record that he became a hero in the hearts and minds of budding Australian poets and Aborigine writers with the publication of his special message and poetry in FreeXpression, a Literary Magazine for Australian writers in 1996. Major anthologies of the author’s poetry are:

  • Justice for the Poor
  • Eve Forever
  • Peace in the Eye of a Needle
  • Cry Peace on Golan Heights

Benus Adu Poku’s poetry is included in the epoch-making anthology, The World Largest Poem for Peace published by the International Society of Poets, USA and dedicated to the United Nations, which makes monetary donations on behalf of poets to UNICEF.

The author has won a number of Editors’ Choice Awards for his outstanding poetry. He is a member in good standing of Pen International, South African Writers Circle (SAWC) and Winning Writers, USA. Conspicuous among his literary accomplishments is International Poet of Merit Award, USA.

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